SBU MathLing Reading Group

This is the website for the Mathematical Linguistics Reading Group (MLRG) in the Department of Linguistics at Stony Brook University.

The reading group provides a venue for

  • paper discussions,
  • practice talks,
  • invited talks,
  • presentations of ongoing research,
  • and much more.

Pretty much anything goes, as long as it has some formal/mathematical component to it. The group is very interdisciplinary in nature and we welcome guests from other departments.

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Current Semester (Spring 2024)

Time: Friday, 1:15–2:15
Location: Computational Linguistics Lab (SBS N-250)
Topics: see Schedule
Readings: Google Drive (access restricted)
Student Organizer: Kenneth Hanson
Faculty Organizer: Thomas Graf

Recent News

Fri 23 February 2024
Thomas has an existential crisis
Mon 19 February 2024
Logan on learning MTSL-2 tree languages
Tue 13 February 2024
Logan on learning MTSL-2 string languages
Fri 17 November 2023
M on Intensional Semantics (Nov 17)
Fri 10 November 2023
Kenneth on C-Command (Nov 10)