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February 5th Cancellation

Hey everyone, this announcement is just to let you know that because of the weather, we'll be cancelling our meeting today. So as not to screw up the schedule, we'll just hold off on my presentation, and if anyone needs to cancel a non-game theory presentation I'll jump in.

Handouts from Last Few Meetings

A couple of handouts have now been added to the Google drive. This includes the slides to Camillo's talk on signaling games, Alena and Sophie's slides on computational morphology, and Gary's write-up of Gödel's modal logic proof of the existence of God.

Final Meeting Time

We'll be having our organizational meeting for the Math Reading Group this Friday from 2-3 in the comp ling lab (directions are given below). This will be the normal meeting time/location for the reading group this semester. Also note that barring some sort of craziness, all remaining updates will …

Doodle Poll for Meeting Time

As usual, we need to agree on a meeting time. To the best of my knowledge, there will be no classes scheduled for Friday this semester, so we should have a wider range of options than last time around. Anyways, you know the procedure: go to the Doodle poll and …