Below is the current schedule for the semester, to be updated as time progresses.
(Last updated: 2024-03-22)

Day Presenter Topic
1/26 Scott Nelson Blueprint Model of speech production
2/02 n/a No meeting (open house)
2/09 n/a Organizational meeting
2/16 Logan Swanson MTSL-2 Learning (1) - Strings
2/23 Logan Swanson MTSL-2 Learning (2) - Trees
3/01 Thomas Graf No need for functional hierarchies?
3/08 n/a No meeting (canceled)
3/15 n/a No meeting (spring break)
3/22 Kenneth Hanson Learning tier blockers from paths
3/29 Thomas Graf Tutorial on Modern MGs
4/05 n/a No meeting (FASL)
4/12 Thomas and Logan ITSL learning
4/19 Scott Nelson Underspecification
4/26 Alina Shabaeva Multiple wh-movement
5/03 Han Li Tone