Below is the current schedule for the semester, to be updated as time progresses.
(Last updated: 2022-11-06)

Day Presenter Topic
08/26 Thomas Organizational meeting
09/02 Thomas Subregular complexity of linearization
09/09 Kenneth TSL (Tier-based Strictly Local) syntax
09/16 Jeff What constraints should phonology allow?
09/23 no meeting Model theory workshop
09/30 Gary et al. Gödel vs. Turing, model theory, FOL vs. MSO, and more
10/07 Jordan Cognitive Science and Math/Theoretical/Psycho Linguistics
10/14 Thomas Monotonicity in syntax
10/21 no meeting Alumnus Alëna Aksënova on speech recognition at IACS
10/28 no meeting No meeting due to the lab renovations
11/04 Scott Modal Logic & the phon(etics/ology) interface
11/11 no meeting N/A
11/18 no meeting N/A
11/25 no meeting Thanksgiving break
12/02 Magda tbd