Below is the current schedule for the semester, to be updated as time progresses.
(Last updated: 2023-02-07)

Day Presenter Topic
01/27 Thomas Organizational meeting
02/03 Thomas Grafts as long distance selection [Cancelled]
02/10 Jeff Dakotah's plebby
02/17 no meeting Departmental virtual open house
02/24 Jack RNN seq2seq learning
03/03 Kenneth String-based syntax
03/10 Jeff Noisy learning
03/17 no meeting Spring Break
03/24 Magda Feature-based learning
03/31 Gary Temporal logic
04/07 Scott Rule interactions
04/14 Kenneth TSL (Tier-based Strictly Local) islands
04/21 Thomas Islands
04/28 Eric Authorship attribution
05/05 Jordan TBA