Below is the current schedule for the semester, to be updated as time progresses.
(Last updated: 04/25/19)

Day Presenter Topic
02/08 no meeting
02/15 Nazila Island complexity
02/22 Aniello Sentence processing with an MG parser
03/01 Alëna OSTIA Walkthrough pt. 1
03/08 Sabine Diagnosing movement via subregular complexity
03/15 no meeting
03/22 spring break
03/29 Gary Gödel's platonism vs. Turing's computationalism
04/05 Thomas Top-down recognition of syntactic constraints
04/12 Jon QF Least-Fixed-Point Logic Transformations for strings
04/19 - Computational Phonology Workshop
04/26 Alëna & Ayla Tracking morphological changes in Shakespeare's works
05/03 Jeff Modeling and Learning Optional Processes with wDFA
05/10 TBD