While meetings are open to whatever somebody in the group wants to talk about, we usually pick a main topic for each semester. So far, the following topics have been covered:

Semester Topic
2023 Spring no specific topic
2022 Fall Less Recreational
2021 Fall Recreation
2021 Spring Covidalooza, Part 3
2020 Fall Covidalooza, Part 2
2020 Spring Covidalooza, Part 1
2019 Fall Algorithms and data structures
2019 Spring no fixed topic
2018 Fall Neural networks (Goldberg textbook)
2018 Spring Automata theory, graph theory, category theory
2017 Fall Linear algebra, neural networks, graph theory
2017 Spring Categorial grammar
2016 Spring Game theory
2015 Fall Dynamic semantics
2015 Spring Generalized quantifiers
2014 Fall Lattices in linguistics
2014 Spring Modal logic