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Alëna's tutorial session

Hello all, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving break! This Friday, Alëna will be practicing for the SCiL tutorial session. We hope that as the semester winds to a close, you can make the time to stop by for it. To leave time for discussion and feedback after the tutorial …

No Meeting on November 22

Since nobody is on the schedule to present this week, there will be no meeting. This works out in your favor if you're looking forward to attending Prof. Brian Kernighan's language seminar. I wish you all a good next couple of weeks!

Gary on Truth

This Friday, Gary will be discussing whether Tarski’s Theory of Truth has been superceded by subsequent work using truth-value gaps such as those by Robert L. Martin, Bas van Fraassen, and especially Kripke’s "Outline of a Theory of Truth" (available in the Google Drive as Kripke1975.pdf). Hope …

Dakotah on a TSL learner

Tomorrow Dakotah will be discussing a way to modify a typical SP learner to account for TSL stringsets. Any feedback would be appreciated, on topics from the algorithm itself to the types of things that should be discussed when presenting a Gold-style learner. Hope to see you all there!

Jon on subregular n-languages and -functions.

Tomorrow, Jon will be continuing his talk from a few weeks ago on subregular n-functions. Things have been updated some since the last time. The project is still developing, so Jon would appreciate any feedback you may have on the idea. Hope to see you all there!

Aniello on MG Processing

Today Aniello will be talking about his research on modelling sentence processing with a top-down parser for Minimalist grammars. This is a practice talk, so we might go longer than usual. Hope to see you all there, and I'm sure Aniello is looking forward to your feedback.

No Meeting on Oct 11

We're not meeting this week because of AMP. There's plenty of computational talks on the AMP program, and I encourage you all to attend those instead.

Next week, Oct 18, Aniello will give a practice talk in the reading group.

Schedule Update

Alëna will be out this week, so Thomas will be talking about ISL tree transductions. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

No Meeting This Week

Just a reminder to everyone that we are not meeting Friday September 6th. Our first real meeting will be next Friday, the 13th, where Dakotah will be presenting a characterization of Tier-Based Strictly Local stringsets.

Meeting Time Poll for Fall 2019

Welcome back everyone!

With the start of a new semester, we have to once again agree on a meeting time. As usual, we will meet for one hour each Friday at some time around noon. Please indicate your scheduling constraints at the when2meet poll.

You do not need to create …