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Sam van Gool Tutorial

This week there is no MathLing meeting due to the holiday, but as a special treat, please enjoy the slides from Sam van Gool's Fontiers talk last Friday on the Google drive! Those looking for an extended version may visit his website.

Alena on "Formal Restrictions on Multiple Tiers"

Hi all!

This Friday, Alena will present her recent manuscript "Formal Restrictions on Multiple Tiers". The abstract is below. See you all Friday!

Abstract: The class of tier-based strictly local (TSL) languages has shown itself as a good fit for natural language patterns. Although there are some cases when one …

Jeff on Backpropagation and Stochastic Gradient Descent

Hi all!

This Friday, Jeff will discuss backpropagation and stochadtic gradient descent in neural nets. The corresponding reading (Section 2.8 of Yoav Goldberg's book "Neural Network Methods for Natural Language Processing") can be found on the Google Drive. See you all on Friday!


Hi all!

This Friday, Thomas is going to give an Introduction to Perceptrons See you all on Friday!

Aniello on Geometrical Morphology

Hi all!

This Friday, Aniello is going to talk about geometrical approaches to morphological paradigms, based on a recent paper by Goldsmith. As usual, you don't need to read the paper, but if you are curious you can find it in the Math Reading Group's Google Drive.

See you all …

Schedule and Next meeting

Hi all!

The meeting time for this semester is Fridays, 12-1 pm. The next meeting of the Mathematical Linguistics Reading Group will be held on September 8. Gary Mar will present his paper "A Brief History of the Logic of Time".

Hope to see you all there!