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Semester Schedule

Based on the discussion in our first meeting, we have decided on a slightly unusual schedule. We will meet every other Friday from 2:30 to 3:30. This minimizes scheduling conflicts for our regular attendants. Please check the schedule for an overview of the upcoming meetings.

Our first regular …

First Meeting Tomorrow at 2pm

Scheduling this year's MLRG has turned out to be a lot trickier than usual. The time that seems to work for most people is

  • Friday, 2pm to 3pm.

We will have our first organizational meeting tomorrow at this time. Based on who shows up, and pending further discussion, the time …

Meeting Time Poll for Spring 2020

Welcome back everyone!

With the start of a new semester, we have to once again agree on a meeting time. As usual, we will meet for one hour each Friday at some time around noon. Please indicate your availability using the when2meet poll.

You do not need to create an …