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Last Meeting!

Hi all!

This Friday we will have the last meeting of the semester. As usual, it will be a short meet-up to discuss how everything went, and what we would like to do next year. If you have ideas and topics but you think you can't show up, feel free …

No meeting tomorrow!

Hi all!

Sorry for the late announcement. We will not be meeting tomorrow, since some of us are going to give a short intro to Linguistics to some logics students. We also have a couple of free slots available before the end of the semester. If you have something you …

No meeting this week!

Hi all!

Contrary to what was stated in my last post (but consistently with our Schedule) we are not meeting this Friday, since half of our usual crowd will be out of town. Enjoy you week, and see you next Friday (March 31st).

Spring Break

Hi all!

Hope you all survived the snow day :). This is just a reminder that there will be no reading group this Friday. We 'll meet again next week, with a surprise speaker!

Enjoy the "spring" break!

Next Meeting: Semantics in CCGs

Hi all!

In our next meeting (Friday, Feb 24), we will talk about Semantics in Categorial Grammars, and in particular we'll see how CCGs can handle quantifiers scope ambiguities.

In case you are particularly interested in the topic, you can check out Surface-Compositional Scope-Alternation Without Existential Quantifiers , a 2010 paper …

The Next Meeting

Hi all!

The next meeting of the Mathematical Linguistics Reading will be held on the 17th of February. Thomas will give intro to the main topic of the current semester, that is Categorial Grammars.

Hope to see you all there!

Spring 2017: the first meeting!

Hi all!

The Mathematical Linguistics Reading group will have its first Spring Semester meeting on Friday, January 27, from 12 to 1 in the Comp Ling Lab.

This meeting will be purely organizational, focusing on picking a topic and a precise schedule for this semester.

Hope to see you there …