Prof. Mar et al. from Philosophy on Gödel/Turing & Model Theory (Sep 30)

Next Friday (Sep 30), Prof. Gary Mar and his students (Michael Barr, Gino Elia, and Madhi Malek) from Department of Philosophy will pick up the thread initiated by Jeff. They will discuss about the logical limitations of FOL (First Order Logic) and MSO (Monadic Second Order) logic to be solved using model theory. Their talk will also feature a presentation Prof. Mar gave to the American Philosophical Association, now titled "Gödel vs. Turing? Platonism, Computationalism and the Philosophy of Mathematics".

Prof. Mar is the last student to have a Ph.D. directed by Alonzo Church and also the founding director of the Philosophy Department Logic Lab at SBU, among other honorary achievements.

Here are the poster slides for their talk.